Boldly Go: A Guide to Playing the FASA Star Trek RPG Part 2

The FASA Star Trek Role-Playing Game (RPG) is renowned for its intricate and immersive depiction of the Star Trek universe, and one of its most captivating aspects is the combat system. Whether you’re facing off against hostile Klingon warbirds, maneuvering through asteroid fields, or defending your starship from alien threats, the FASA Star Trek combat system brings the excitement and intensity of space battles to life. In this guide, we’ll explore the key elements of the FASA Star Trek combat system and how to navigate these thrilling encounters.

Understanding the Core Mechanics

The FASA Star Trek combat system is built upon percentile dice rolls (d100) and a robust set of rules that take into account the capabilities of starships, weapon systems, and crew skill. Here’s an overview of the core mechanics:

  • Target Number (TN): The gamemaster (often referred to as the “referee” in FASA RPGs) sets a Target Number for each action based on the difficulty of the task. Players roll percentile dice (2d10) and attempt to roll equal to or under the TN to succeed.
  • Attributes and Skills: The attributes and skills of your starship’s crew play a crucial role in combat. For example, the Weapons skill is vital for targeting enemy vessels, while the Piloting skill is essential for maneuvering and avoiding incoming fire.
  • Phasers and Torpedoes: Starships in the FASA system use phasers and photon torpedoes as their primary weapons. Phasers offer sustained fire, while torpedoes pack a more potent punch. The range and effectiveness of these weapons are determined by various factors, including the ship’s class and crew skill.

Phaser Combat: Fire at Will

Phasers are the workhorses of Starfleet, capable of delivering precise and sustained energy blasts to enemy vessels. Here’s how phaser combat works:

  1. Target Selection: The player decides which enemy vessel to target. The gamemaster sets the TN based on the target’s size, distance, and maneuverability.
  2. Weapons Skill Roll: The player with the highest Weapons skill makes a roll against the TN. Success means the phasers hit the target.
  3. Damage Roll: Once the hit is confirmed, the player rolls for damage. The type and severity of damage depend on the phaser type and range.
  4. Damage Allocation: The gamemaster calculates damage inflicted on the target’s shields and hull. Damage can be allocated to specific ship systems, potentially crippling the enemy vessel.

Torpedo Combat: A Powerful Punch

Photon torpedoes are the heavy artillery of starship combat, capable of delivering devastating blows. Here’s how torpedo combat unfolds:

  1. Target Lock: The player selects a target and locks on with the ship’s targeting system, which requires a successful Piloting skill roll.
  2. Torpedo Firing: The player rolls against the TN to fire the torpedoes. Success means the torpedoes launch.
  3. Torpedo Damage: Torpedoes have a set damage value. When they hit, the gamemaster determines the severity of the damage and the impact on the target.
  4. Damage Allocation: Similar to phaser combat, damage is allocated to shields and systems.

Starship Damage and Consequences

Damage inflicted on starships can have significant consequences, including the loss of systems, breaches in the hull, and even the destruction of the vessel. The gamemaster will track the status of each ship involved in combat and describe the impact of critical hits and damage to the players.

Tactics and Strategy

Effective space combat in the FASA Star Trek RPG goes beyond rolling dice; it requires tactics and strategy. Consider factors such as positioning, evasion, communication, and crew morale. Utilize the unique abilities of your starship to gain an advantage, whether it’s a cloaking device, advanced sensors, or superior maneuverability.

Role-Playing in Combat

The FASA Star Trek combat system encourages role-playing during combat encounters. Engage in tactical discussions, simulate the chaos of battle, and make decisions that align with your character’s personality and Starfleet’s principles. This adds depth and authenticity to the experience.


The FASA Star Trek combat system is a thrilling and dynamic aspect of the RPG that captures the essence of starship combat in the Star Trek universe. Whether you’re a starship captain, a helmsman, or a tactical officer, understanding the mechanics and strategies of space combat will enhance your adventures and bring the excitement of the final frontier to your gaming table. So, prepare to boldly go where no one has gone before and embrace the challenge of interstellar conflict in the FASA Star Trek RPG!