At the height of the Satanic Panic there are 2 films that come into play that elevated the popularity of Tabletop RPG’s. Skullduggery is lesser know than the popular Mazes & Monsters made for T.V. movie staring Tom Hanks.

While watching this 80’s classic movie where a game of Dungeons and Dragons is the centerpiece of a mystery and murder…. The premise, a young man named Adam who happens to come from a long line of men cursed. He succumbs to the curse, and goes on a killing spree.

During the second session of the RPG game I notice the dice (all 666). But in fact you can make out the Imperial Sunburst on the dice, take a look.. Clearly Traveller Dice

Good thing my parents didn’t notice this or we would of burned my Traveller books at the next church meeting. 😉