When it comes to playing Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition (MGT2), you’ll find that the core rulebook is essential. However, there are additional books that can enhance your gaming experience. Here’s a breakdown of the essentials and some optional books to consider:

Essential Books:

  1. Core Rulebook: This is the heart of the MGT2 system, providing all the rules and guidelines you need to create characters, run adventures, and explore the Traveller universe.
  2. High Guard: This book expands on ship design and space combat rules, making it an invaluable addition if your campaign involves space travel and starships. It also provides options for creating custom starships.
  3. Equipment Catalog: This supplement offers a vast array of gear, weapons, and equipment that can be used in your adventures, allowing players and referees to outfit characters and NPCs with the tools they need.

Optional Books:

  1. Central Supply Catalog: If you’re looking for even more equipment options, the Central Supply Catalog is a great choice. It provides an extensive list of gear, vehicles, and weaponry to further diversify your game.
  2. Vehicle Handbook: This book focuses on ground vehicles, from cars and hovercraft to tanks and mechs. If your campaign involves vehicular adventures, it’s a useful supplement.
  3. Pirates of Drinax: This is a campaign module that offers a detailed and epic storyline involving piracy, politics, and intrigue. It can be a fantastic addition if you want to embark on a lengthy and immersive campaign.
  4. Referee’s Briefing: Mongoose has released several Referee’s Briefing books, each focusing on a specific aspect of the Traveller universe. Depending on your campaign setting, you might find these helpful for world-building and expanding your story.
  5. Alien Modules: MGT2 has released various Alien Modules, such as Aslan, Droyne, and K’kree. These books delve into specific alien races, providing details on their cultures, technologies, and societies. If you want to include diverse alien species in your campaign, consider these modules.
  6. Career Books: Mongoose has also published career-focused supplements, like Mercenary and Drifter, which provide additional character options and career paths for players.
  7. Sector Books: If you’re looking for pre-generated settings and worlds to explore, sector books like the Trojan Reach or the Spinward Marches can be useful. These provide rich details about specific regions of the Traveller universe.

While the core rulebook, High Guard, and the Equipment Catalog are essential for a basic MGT2 experience, the optional books allow you to tailor your campaign to specific themes, settings, and gameplay elements. Consider your group’s preferences and the type of campaign you want to run when choosing from the optional books.